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Friday, November 4, 2011

Stepping Out of My Norm

All my projects have been basically wood furniture.
This one was a little different for me.
I re-purposed it for resale for my craft sale that I am having in 3 weeks.
It really isn't the style that I decorate my home, so I do hope someone loves it and wants to buy it :)

I bought this lamp at a yard sale for $1.
I thought about challenging Annie Sloan's paint on this since it was metal.
 It is a neat lamp.
Seeing everyone, in blogland, pick such ornate things to paint; I was excited to get this and try to make it lovely.

Even though I like it not painted.

I painted the whole thing in Paris Grey
Then I highlighted some areas with Old White.

It is kind of hard to see the difference between the two colors.

At the time, I didn't have clear wax, so I thought I would just apply the dark wax that I had.
It was ugly.
I didn't let it dry long enough so as I was buffing, I buffed all the paint off in certain areas.
Needless to say, it was NOT the look I was going for.  So I painted right over it the same way I did it the first time.

I bought the clear wax, and wow what a difference!
I applied the clear wax first.
I then took a smaller brush to apply the dark wax to the areas I wanted distressed.
After that I applied more clear wax to the dark and here is the end result:



I bought a plain lampshade and decorated it up a bit with some rosettes made from Muslins.

I just wrapped and twisted the muslin into a rosette.
 I had torn the fabric instead of cutting it so that it would fray. 
I hot glued the end.
After they were formed, I glued them to felt.  I then cut around the felt and glued it onto the shade.

The rosettes look pink, but they aren't.
This pick is more true in color

We had 7 inches of snow in our yard last Saturday.

Today it is lovely outside.
The leaves are bright, coloring the landscape with orange, yellow, red, and a lovely green.
The ground is so saturated here that the grass looks so lush to me!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Days?

If you home school, do you give your kiddos snow days?  
 I give mine snow moments.

They were very excited to go out this morning and play in the snow.  I let them go out for an hour before they really started their school.

It's funny because some people, like my neighbor, pick on me about my kids if they have free time in the yard on a nice sunny day.  He has sarcastic comments when we finish school for the year in the second week of May.

I guess he wouldn't have wanted to be in my school today.  While the District had a snow day, my kids had a school day.  While the District had  In Service Days this past week or off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, my kiddos were doing school. 
Yes, our timing is different.  Homeschooling is different.  Homeschooling is round the clock school.  It really doesn't end with paper work being finished, corrected, and graded.  The reading goes on through the evening, the crafts come out at odd times, the music practices are each day ....including Saturdays and Sunday.  

My kids ask, "What are snow days?"
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