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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Goodbye, Big Yellow School Bus!

I remember looking at pictures from the 70's and wondered why in the world would anyone pick those colors for their house or furniture, and how could they live with it looking like that.
Now I ask that question about myself.

7 Years ago my hubby picked a yellow for our Living Room/Office area.
I was ready for a change from the white walls we had since we had moved into our home.
The yellow was not what we thought it would be when we put it on the walls.
I instantly didn't like it in the daylight, but in the lamplight at night it was cozy.
During the day, I felt like we lived surrounded by a big yellow school bus.
We didn't have much money, and we had already paid for it, so it wasn't like we really could just go out and buy 3 or more gallons of paint and redo it.  
Plus we had just spent hours painting, and all I wanted was my house back to normal.

Well, after almost 8 years we did it!  
We got rid of the Big Yellow School bus and entered into a cozy neutral look.

We rearranged too!  I am loving it!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Waiting Is Hard To Do

It is really hard to wait.
My hubby and I decided about 3 or 4 years ago to not be in debt--to not live on credit cards.
We didn't have much on our credit card, but if we went on vacation we just put it on the credit card.  Enjoying the pleasure at that moment, but paying for it for the next 3 months.  We had 2 car payments--not big ones, but they were still payments. Living like this made us unprepared for the oops that happen in life like fixing a car part or root canals or whatever.  Those oops would end up on a credit card.  
We had enough of not having control of finances.  We were starting to have bad habits like buying something just because we wanted it at that moment.
It is so true that the borrower is servant to the lender. Proverbs 22:7b
I found that when I waited for something, the Lord always seemed to provide it in His timing and His way.  Just like it says in Lamentations 3:25a The Lord is good unto them that wait for him...
Praise the Lord, we have been debt free, except for our house, for 3 years.  We pay cash now for vacations or we don't go.  We wait for those things that we "got" to have.
I say all this because that habit of wanting to buy what I want NOW is still hard to deal with.

I bought this corner cabinet from craigslist.

 I really wanted it to go in my kitchen.
The corner that I wanted to put it in had my microwave setting there.

Really....try and just look at the microwave.
 I forgot to take a before pic of where the microwave sat.

The microwave, that I've had since we got married 16 years ago, wouldn't die; it was too big to put anywhere else.
I really wanted to get a microwave that goes above my stove.  Everytime the subject came up it involved getting new cabinets and sounding like a major renovation.  My stove is from the 60's and two gas burners don't work unless you use a match.  The frig is also a $299 frig we bought when we got married.  Hubby didn't want to get the microwave-over-the-stove until we replaced the other appliances.
 It always seems like when you get the money "murphy" happens. Lots of things popped up that were unexpected--praise the Lord we were prepared.  I just found out a couple of weeks ago that we are doing braces for three kiddos this upcoming year.  Alas I don't think new appliances are in my near future.

I asked hubby yesterday, if I could just buy a small microwave--we don't really use one except to heat up things or make popcorn.
He said I could.
So I bought a $45 little one that fits on my counter perfect.

It is so nice to not have to walk across the kitchen to use the microwave! 
Now my corner cupboard is in the kitchen in its proper place.

I filled the empty spot with a ladder that was my grandpa's and the cabinet that held the old microwave for 10 years.  
It is a cozy little corner.

Waiting is hard.
I keep telling myself that it is the mature thing to hold off buying things and wait to do it right when you have the money.  It is easy to say but hard to do.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Girly Room

The boys got a little makeover, and I've been wanting to repaint my daughter's room but haven't been motivated.
Since we finished the Attic, I have been excited to refresh her room.  

It was this dark grey-brown room.  
It was a nice color if you were Eeyore from Winnie-the Pooh.

I love Winnie-the Pooh!

Bessy-girl wanted Purple.
I said, "No way Jose.
 When you grow up and have your own home, you can paint all your rooms purple if you like."  
I am a mean mom; I know.
We compromised on pale Yellow.

I got an iron bed off of craigslist for $30 and spray painted it white--I hate to spray paint. 
I know, don't say "hate"...But I really strongly dislike it!
The yellow and white bed frame looks girly to me.

I decided to repaint her switch plate.
It was a mustard yellow with a dark pink flower.  I am so bad with color names.
This is the only pic I have of the yellow.  It is the backside of the switch plate, so you can't see the pink flower.

I base painted the switch plate using Kiltz.

Then I used Folk ART acrylic paint to finish it.

 Bayberry was used for the background, and Purple Lilac was used for the flower.  I antiqued it with some watered down brown paint and then Polyurethaned it.

I am slowly working on other projects in her room and will up-date them as I finish each one.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Picture Diary of the Attic Renovation

The attic is suitable for living.  They just need heat, but it is not too bad up there.  Our house is usually cold everywhere else too:)

The Stairs

Top of Stairs

The Closet Area

The Sleeping Area

The pictures don't justify how nice it really is.  
They have so much more room now.  
I am so happy for them.
They looked so cozy in their beds last night.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Rooms for the Kiddos

I am posting this with excitement only because I know the future will be better.  Our three boys are sharing their bedroom for now.  We have made a homemade trundle bed for our youngest.  It works well.  They truly just have so much stuff!  Stuff, I like stuff--just my stuff:)  I have not decorated their rooms yet.  We are in the process of finishing our attic for 2 of the boys.  Yeah!!!!  It is being painted as I type!  

Here is the boy's room.

Can you see the homemade trundle bed?

Bethany's room turned out darker than we expected.  
Here is her room.  

I like her room:)

This is the future Boys' Room

Please come back for the finale!

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