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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Soup Time

It is that time of year that my husband actually wants soup.  He is not a soup guy.  He is a meat, potato, and bread guy.
I really only make two soups.  This is only because I know my whole family will eat them. 
 One is Chicken Corn Soup with Dumplings.  
The other is found in this cook book, Healthy Homestyle Cooking by Evelyn Tribole.  The soup is Potato-Bacon Clam Chowder. 
More Healthy Homestyle Cooking (ISBN10: 1579541178; ISBN13: 9781579541170)
One of my good friends gave me this cook book one year as a present. 

 I always make the No-Knead Cheesy Bread to go with it.  Do you notice that each soup involves bread in some form.
My husbands first vegetable is bread:)
I think I need to double the recipe for the bread next time.
Hits the spot on these very cold nights!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taking a Breather

This week Dan's parents are here.  Dad is working on the attic, and mom is keeping me company. 

 Since I have my craft sale during the week of Thanksgiving, I don't do any baking.  This week gives me a little breather from the intensity of crafting.  It also gives me a good excuse to bake.  Today Miles and I made apple pie and pumpkin pie for dessert tonight. 

They are so yummy!

Even though I am not focusing on my crafts this week.  I do have a goal of making penny rugs out of felt I bought at Joanne's.  I've never done this before, but I found a blog that shows you how to make them.  http://pennyrugsandmore.blogspot.com  I am going to try it.  I used her idea of using freezer paper to draw on before cutting out my circles. 

 Miles helped take the paper off and count them for me.

 Then I bagged each project to keep them organized.

I am slowly sewing them together, using the blanket stitch.  

I have one pack stacked.

This is how I am going to sew this group together.

My Mother-in-law is very good at knitting and crocheting.  She was working on snowflakes while I worked on the penny piles for my penny rugs.

It has been a nice break.  The attic is starting to come together.  Yippee!!

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