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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Is It?

Before I get to my "What Is It", I wanted to update you on my computer problem.
I don't think the problem is Blogger.  I think it has something to do with Google Chrome.
You see, I could still sign in and use my blog when I used Internet Explorer and Firefox.
I really liked using Google Chrome, but I have now switched over to using Mozilla Firefox.
All is well with me now....
Change has come to me once again, and I am getting used to it :)

Also the brown Penny Rug that I just made did not suit me and my kitchen.
So I made a new one.
It has a little Folk Art Heart in it.

I love it with my black painted bowl.
This bowl has a little story behind it.

I painted a wood bowl for my craft sale one year.
I did not sand down the image very well that was inside the bowl.  You could still see the outline of the image that had once been painted inside the bowl. 
A lady, who has a local craft business in the next town over, bought it from me for $12.
The next May was our anniversary.
I told my hubby that if he bought anything from her little shop, I would love it.
Apparently she repainted and tweaked the bowl a little.
 She also doubled the sale price.
Well, Hubby bought it back without knowing it was "my bowl".
He paid her $26.
I knew as soon as I looked inside of the bowl that it was the one that I had originally painted and sold to her.

Well I recently painted it black and waxed it.
I love it, and I love the story behind it.

This Penny Rug looks much better on my kitchen table--it is the perfect size too!

Now on to my "What Is It"
I went to a shop and bought some enamel pieces.
I bought the big bucket to hold compost from the kitchen.
The small bowl is holding some candy at the moment.

I was wondering if anybody knows what the large bucket may have been used for.
I know the lid obviously does not go with it--it does not match.

What do you think?
Be nice.  
My mom told me that it may have been a chamber potty. 
I am hoping for a better answer.

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