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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Old Door Panel Sign

I took apart an old door that was given to me.  I love making unique signs, and I knew the panels on the door would make great signs.  The paint was chippy already, so all I had to do was sand it down and do the wording.
This panel lent itself to serving as a rack.
Since I chose the saying "Home of the Brave", I thought these rusty stars and nails would be perfect.  I did the lettering with my new brown Sharpie Paint marker.
I stained it with dark walnut color stain, and it brought out all the cracks and crevices.

I am so thankful for all the men that have served my country, so that I can enjoy the freedoms I still have.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blessed is the Nation...

 Ever since we replaced our back porch, I have been coming up with ways to repurpose all of that old wood.  I decided to make a Betsy Ross Flag sign.  
I attached the boards together like this:
 I love that the board already had perfect lines for my stripes.
I used a pie plate to make the placement for my stars and painted them by hand.
I then came up with the saying that I wanted and used my charcoal method to apply the wording to the bottom of the flag.  After the lettering was dried, I stained the whole flag in dark walnut.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord"
It measures 38 inches tall.

I just love Americana!
I think when the kiddos grow up, I am going to have a guest room in Americana.
That would be so fun to decorate.
As for this sign, it will be ready to sell at my craft sale in November.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sons of Liberty Cheese Box

I am in my Primitive mode when it comes to these cheese box makeovers.
I found another cheese box.  This one I found at a yard sale.
I loved the size of it.  It is a shorter box than the other two that I have.
I thought this one would be perfect for barnyard red.
I used Folk Art craft paint's Barnyard Red.
I chose once again not to paint the entire box so that the stain would show through and give it an aged look.
I also had painted this little sign Eggs sign, but it was not proportioned correctly.
I knew I needed to paint over it.
So that is what I did.
Here they are ready to receive some lettering.
I wanted to show you how you might have to line up the lettering if you make it bigger than your paper.
Sometimes this can be so tricky.
I was measuring between letters to see how close I should put the "r" and the "t".
I measured at the spot where the letters stuck out the most--not from the bottom of the letters.
I used the chalk method to transfer my lettering.
Going with my 1776 theme, I chose "Sons of Liberty" and the word "Liberty".
I like using two different fonts in one saying.
Now for some Dark Walnut stain.
I am not sure why some places didn't soak up the stain.
I stained the inside of the box as well.
The edging got some stars.

They go great with the Midnight Blue America box!

Monday, August 13, 2012


I bought this cheese box at a local market.
I have been in a little Americana mood lately, so you might be seeing a couple more patriotic posts.
I painted the box with midnight blue acrylic craft paint.
I didn't cover the whole box, because I wanted the wood to come through when I stained it.
After painting, I added some lettering to the box and lid using the chalk method.
I then colored painted in the letters using my white Elmer's paint marker that I bought at Walmart.
I painted the stars free-hand.
Here is what the box looked like before staining it with Minwax's Dark Walnut stain.
This is the finished product.
I stained the inside and outside of the whole box.
Here you can kind of see where the wood came through.
It is hard to see because the blue is so dark.
I love it.
I think I will do one in barnyard red too.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Painting an Americana Box

I had so much fun with this box!
A friend gave me the box and thought I could paint it up.
I love boxes!
I sanded the Bread sign off.
It was mod podged onto the box, and I wanted a smooth surface.
I then painted a coat of Annie Sloans Old White all over the outside of the box and on the outside of the lid.
All I could think of was Americana!
Americana it was!
I painted over the Old White with acrylic paints.
I used Midnight Blue and Barnyard Red.
I allowed the Old White to stay where the stripes are and on the knob.
I copied some sayings off the computer and transferred it using white chalk and a white paint marker like I did  HERE.
I loved distressing this piece.
It seemed like the more I sanded the"older" it got.
I then brushed on Minwax's Dark Walnut stain on the inside and outside of the box.
Just look how that stain antiqued the box!

So worn and old looking....

I love Americana!
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