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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sons of Liberty Cheese Box

I am in my Primitive mode when it comes to these cheese box makeovers.
I found another cheese box.  This one I found at a yard sale.
I loved the size of it.  It is a shorter box than the other two that I have.
I thought this one would be perfect for barnyard red.
I used Folk Art craft paint's Barnyard Red.
I chose once again not to paint the entire box so that the stain would show through and give it an aged look.
I also had painted this little sign Eggs sign, but it was not proportioned correctly.
I knew I needed to paint over it.
So that is what I did.
Here they are ready to receive some lettering.
I wanted to show you how you might have to line up the lettering if you make it bigger than your paper.
Sometimes this can be so tricky.
I was measuring between letters to see how close I should put the "r" and the "t".
I measured at the spot where the letters stuck out the most--not from the bottom of the letters.
I used the chalk method to transfer my lettering.
Going with my 1776 theme, I chose "Sons of Liberty" and the word "Liberty".
I like using two different fonts in one saying.
Now for some Dark Walnut stain.
I am not sure why some places didn't soak up the stain.
I stained the inside of the box as well.
The edging got some stars.

They go great with the Midnight Blue America box!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I pledge allegiance 
To the flag 
Of the United States of America
And to the Republic 
For which it stands
One Nation
Under God
With Liberty and Justice for ALL

I am so thankful for the courageous men 
who fought for Liberty
at the start of this nation.
I am also thankful for the men and women 
who continue to serve to preserve
our nation's Freedoms and Independence!

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