Sunday, September 11, 2016

'New Home' Tour #3: Dining Room

I am later than what I wanted to be in getting this post written up.  
We took our oldest to college, finally started school with our last two kiddos, and worked on painting another room.  Lots going on, but it is all very good!
Just to clarify, from the title some of you may be thinking this is a New Home.  It is not.  Our home was built in 1940.  It is just new to us. 
With that said, I am so excited to share with you our dining room.  I never had a dining room, so it is such a treat to not have to worry about the heat from the stove or the pile of dishes glaring at you while you finish up your meal.  I love it!  Our dining room is not open to the kitchen allowing me to escape from reality for as long as I wish.:)  I know many people like the open floor plan idea, but I am loving the separate dining room.
 Here are some before pics.  You will notice in the first pic that they had bookshelves built in.  We thought it looked more open and natural without them, so we took them out.
In this After pic, you can see how open it is into the family room. 
I love filling the house with things we created.  The big checkered board was made by my youngest son.  The small one I made years and years ago.  The little Pallet Plate Rack I made.
 I have another place in mind for my ironing board and washboard, but for now they will stay here.  I still have a lot of painting to do upstairs.
 ON this wall is my Hutch with my little collection of yellow ware and jars.
Last but not least, remember my great find and dining room treasure, my Primitive Chandelier!
It really feels so cozy.  I am so very, very thankful.


  1. It is all beautiful & cozy! Love it!

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  3. The room looks cozy and beautiful ♥



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