Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Second Re Upholstered Chair in the Making

I got a little side tracked with crafts. I found this chair at a yard sale yesterday.  It had good springs and seemed very firm. It also had no odor whatsoever. I thought for $5, I could recover that and have a new solid chair. I bought some recliners from a store a year and a half ago; they are peeling, and the one chair's spring has already popped! :(
 I just love all that wood!
I removed all the fabric which took forever. My hand is still hurting!  Whoever covered it before used a lot of staples! I took lots of pictures so that I know how to put Humpty Dumpty together again.
I sanded down the wood and used a dark walnut stain.
I just love the darker stain, plus it is going to really pop when I cover it with a drop cloth.
Looking forward to finishing it up!
That's one thing about a project in my house, I feel like I am a crazy woman until it is finished. Unlike crafts...they keep getting put off.

School is beginning this week!  Yay!  Back to a schedule!

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  1. When you say you sanded down the wood - to raw wood? Or just enough to lighten it a bit so that the darker stain would be the focus... Love that you tackled this. I don't think reupholstering will ever be in my future.


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