Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Making a Cabinet from Recycled Wood

Yay!  I finally finished building the cabinet!
It started off as a roadside find.  It was a double wall cabinet, and boy was it heavy!  It had no back to it.  The shelves were all cut up so that it fit flush on the wall.
So I tore it apart and saved some of the wood.  I then tried to get rid of the silver paint that was on it and loved how the white looked crackled with the silver.
Finally I took some pallet wood, porch wood, the door, the frame, and some wood from the old cabinet, and I built a single rustic cabinet.  My son helped me cut the wood that needed to be cut with the skill saw.
I used the porch boards for the sides and the pallet wood for the back.
I just wanted one shelf so that tall things could be stored inside the cabinet.  I stained the shelf holder to blend in with the pallet wood and porch wood.  For the shelf I glued two pallet boards together.
The door didn't close right so I needed to use a hand plane on it, but I don't own a plane.  My youngest reminded me how his grandpa lost his hand plane in the attic steps when he was remodeling our attic a few years ago.  I figured, why not rip up the step and see if it's there. 
It was!
( So Fran, I have your plane :) I don't know why we didn't do that when you were here instead of buying a new one)
I painted the top, sides, and back in white.  It needed to be stained in order to blend.
This is before I stained the whole cabinet.
Here is what is looks like stained.
I love how aged the stain makes it look.

Here it is finished.  
I have another door and more wood.  I think I might make another one :)
My plan is to sell it at my craft sale.  
Here is a question for all you ladies out there that have booths.
How much would you sell my cabinet?  
Everyone says I sell my things too cheap.


  1. Love your stuff.... I am always told I sell too cheap as well... I would say $75.00
    Hope your sale does good....


  2. You finished it - it is spectacular and oh, so perfectly primitive. Love that finish. We do not get top prices around here, but usually I do $20 a foot plus the cost of the supplies on a cabinet. I can't tell how high yours is. Love how you and your son found the plane. I am sending this to a friend who builds things from old porch wood.

  3. Here are my thoughts - put it on 4 legs with a lower shelf to make a "bigger" presentation. More like a cupboard. I think you could get $250.00 then.

  4. It turned out perfect and I would think you could get about $80 for it around my area.

  5. Awesome job, I just love finding stuff people are throwing away! My son thinks I'm nuts! LOL,I should have a bumper sticker that says I brake for junk! Keep up the great work, will visit again soon! Hugs, Lynn

  6. What a great job you did! I have no idea about American prices, though.


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