Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hidden Beauties?

Does anyone have one of those cabinet doors in their kitchen that hides something?
I do.  Our one kitchen cabinet hides an old chimney.  Some may think this is hideous.
I seem to be able to look past the ugliness and find character....a gem of some sort.
On the other side of the cabinet I hid some old jars that were given to me when we were first married.
At our first apartment, my hubby and I looked out for our elderly landlord.  As a thank you, he wanted to give me as many of his deceased wife's canning jars as I wished to take.
I had them hidden above the refrigerator and forgot all about them.
Some would look at these and right away see the beauty in the blue and shiny jars...such usefulness they would see.
On the outside you couldn't tell which door hid what beauty.
These two hidden treasures remind me of my teenage years vs. my children's teenage years.
My years were scarred and tattered yet when I asked Christ to forgive me of my sin; He could still see the beauty in my life...that character.  He restored me from the inside out.
The jars remind me of my children.  Full of innocent beauty have been their days so far.  I am not saying that they will not have chips or scratches, but they have such a peace and innocence that I did not have.  A peace and innocence that I longed for when I received Christ.
With the cabinet doors closed you would not know the difference in my kitchen.  They all look great together and uniformed.  People come into my kitchen never knowing that behind one of those doors there is a not so pretty view.  Only the owners know.  I am so glad the Lord who knows my heart decided to use me for his work.  The most important part of this work has been raising our four wonderful children for His glory.  By obeying the Word of the Lord, I have been able to give my children an abundant life.  My prayer is that they will take heed to God's Word as they grow and be able to continue in that abundant life.

"I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." John 10:10b


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How sweet Tammy, your post made me tear up. Blessings friend:)

  3. A very touching testimony of how Christ can change lives.


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