Monday, October 8, 2012

Perfect Frames

The fall weather is here or is it winter weather?
46 degrees.....
Anyway, as we were driving home last Sunday night from church, I saw a cheap chipboard dresser out for garbage.  I was not interested in the dresser.  I was just interested in these drawer faces and their hardware.
I knew they would make perfect frames for signs.
My mom tore apart the the dresser drawers for me.
I washed off the wood drawer faces, and I filled the holes in with some wood filler.
I have not perfected this step yet.
I think I need some new wood filler :)
I painted one with Annie Sloan's Cocoa and the other in Annie's Arles.
I love the Cocoa.
I think it is definitely going to be on my kitchen cabinets.
I painted the words 'Amazing Grace' on them using my white paint marker.
I then highlighted the words using my black paint marker.
Next I wanted to distress the sign,
so I sanded the edges and the face of the sign too.
I did not use wax over the chalk paint.
I only used Min-wax's dark walnut stain over it--a first for me.
I was really hoping the stain would have darkened the sanded areas more, but I guess I didn't sand it enough.
Here they are ready to be sold for my craft sale.
So what did I do today?
I started the tedious part of the craft sale--pricing and tagging things for my sale.
This was just my mother in law's things;
I am dreading getting out all of things I worked on over the year and tagging them.

Pricing things is the hardest thing to figure out.
When you sit at a craft sale you realize how many DIY's there are out there.
There are a lot of ladies that come and say, "Oh, I can make that".
Sometimes it is really hard to just smile and not say a word.
"...he that refraineth his lips is wise" Proverbs 10:19b


  1. Can't wait for your sale... you don't have to worry about me saying, "Oh, I can make that!" I just love your signs!

  2. I do the I can do that myself but I normally will purchase the item from the crafted. I figure I am using there idea so in turn it is respectful to purchase from them. Very nice signs & very creative thinking. Blessings!

  3. Hi Tammy,
    I love the signs! I also love your thoughts on craft sales, we must be getting some of the same customers!

  4. Girl you can make something out of nothing I tell you. Great items, I hope you make tons of $$$


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