Monday, June 4, 2012

One Man's Trash.....

You know the old saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure".
That is so true in this case.
There is a lady at my church that knows how much I like to craft and create.  I think she is also learning how much I like to collect too.  She told me that no one in her family wanted her late mother's picnic basket. She asked if I would want it.
I said yes, of course!

What we, the kiddos and I, found in this basket was a little amazing to us.
We found this box of straws that I think dates back to the 40s and 50s.
Does anybody recognize them?
They are small and waxy.

How about this salt & pepper holder?
I'm not sure how old the Sweet' n Low is, but it says "NEW" on the package.
I know Sweet' n Low was first introduced in the 1950's

This band aid box still has some band aids in them.
The glass prescription bottle is holding some matches.
 I thought it neat that it has the prescription paper still inside it from 1961.

How about this aluminum Soap container--still has a bar of soap in it.

It was like time stood still and this lady was ready to go on a picnic at any moment.
This was so much fun for us.
Thanks Lori and Bev for letting me have the basket filled with goodies!


  1. Love it all, especially the soap dish!

  2. How sweet of the church lady to give you the basket. And, how much fun that all those things were still inside........like a miniature time capsule.
    THANKS for sharing. 8-)

  3. Hi Tammy,
    How fun is that! Like a picnic time capsule!! It's a graet basket too:-)

  4. Love your basket and all its treasures. I haven't seen wax straw ever, so they must be old. The soap box and flatware are probably real silver. Great find.

  5. Great looking basket and cool items to find inside. We had one of those band aide looking boxes in my home growing up.


  6. Oh, how fun!!! :) LOVE old stuff!!!

  7. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! I love that silver soap holder.. you don't see those very often! I am a new follower on you blog! Hugs, Penny

  8. That picnic hamper is probably a Redmon...there may be a label somewhere. They are collectible so that was a good gift! If you decide not to keep it you could easily sell it on EBay or elsewhere....I have sold two that I found at the thrift store.And the Band-Aids...because if the title are probably pretty unique too! In fact, most of the things in the basket are pretty cool! The straws are paper, that's why they're waxed...they'd collapse immediately otherwise as soon as they got wet!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I wanted to come visit back! You're a great finder of old stuff!!!
    Blessings, Lorraine


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