Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Is It?

Before I get to my "What Is It", I wanted to update you on my computer problem.
I don't think the problem is Blogger.  I think it has something to do with Google Chrome.
You see, I could still sign in and use my blog when I used Internet Explorer and Firefox.
I really liked using Google Chrome, but I have now switched over to using Mozilla Firefox.
All is well with me now....
Change has come to me once again, and I am getting used to it :)

Also the brown Penny Rug that I just made did not suit me and my kitchen.
So I made a new one.
It has a little Folk Art Heart in it.

I love it with my black painted bowl.
This bowl has a little story behind it.

I painted a wood bowl for my craft sale one year.
I did not sand down the image very well that was inside the bowl.  You could still see the outline of the image that had once been painted inside the bowl. 
A lady, who has a local craft business in the next town over, bought it from me for $12.
The next May was our anniversary.
I told my hubby that if he bought anything from her little shop, I would love it.
Apparently she repainted and tweaked the bowl a little.
 She also doubled the sale price.
Well, Hubby bought it back without knowing it was "my bowl".
He paid her $26.
I knew as soon as I looked inside of the bowl that it was the one that I had originally painted and sold to her.

Well I recently painted it black and waxed it.
I love it, and I love the story behind it.

This Penny Rug looks much better on my kitchen table--it is the perfect size too!

Now on to my "What Is It"
I went to a shop and bought some enamel pieces.
I bought the big bucket to hold compost from the kitchen.
The small bowl is holding some candy at the moment.

I was wondering if anybody knows what the large bucket may have been used for.
I know the lid obviously does not go with it--it does not match.

What do you think?
Be nice.  
My mom told me that it may have been a chamber potty. 
I am hoping for a better answer.


  1. Sorry honey, I'm thinking the same as your mom! Any hoo, I think your penny rug and black bowl is beautiful with the home you've given it! Do you think that vendor planned that to happen that way...somehow? Hugs

  2. Well, I think your Mom is right! Looking at the rim of this bucket pretty much tells me that is was a chamber bucket. Would still make a great compost bucket for the kitchen.

  3. Your penny rug turned out great! I like the way it looks on your table with the bowl. :)

  4. Glad you are figuring out what is wrong with blogging. Love the new runner, especially with the black bowl. It is just stunning:)

  5. Thanks for the follow Tammy, I love your blog - although I don't have a clue about the ceramic bucket, agree with Lanie though would be great as a kitchen composter.

  6. I am sorry, I think your mom is right :). Also love the story about your wooden bowl and the penny rug is beautiful (also like the other one).

  7. Maybe a bucket for pickling? One can hope I guess.... ;)

  8. Definetly is an old chamber pot. I remember my grandparents having one to use at night because the "outhouse" was too far to go at night! Near penny rug!

  9. Janet @Ozarks Livin'February 27, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    Sorry, I think it is a chamber pot. It could have been used as a slop bucket (scraps to feed the pigs) but, I don't think so. I love the bucket anyway, and it will be great for composting.

  10. I'm going to go against the flow. To me, the bucket looks like a saurkraut bucket or one used for pickling pickles. :0) It doesn't look like any chamber pots I've ever seen (not like I've seen an abundance, obviously!).

    Still, a compost collector is a great job for your lovely find!

  11. Your mother is right. Chamber pot. I use one on the porch for a potted flower. I have seen them used in bathrooms to stash toilet paper. Go for the compost pot. I was given an oblong shallow granite pan. It is mustard with a green trim. I hung it in my kitchen & later found out it was an old hospital puck pan. The things we find. Blessings!

  12. I am so sorry Honey. But I believe your Mom is right!.. I have one very similar to it and it WAS just that, a Chamber Pot... Now don't wrinkle your face that way... Chamber Pots were very much a noble and needed item.. I wouldn't want to face the ice cold snowy weather to run out to the outhouse in the middle of the night in nothing more than a cotton nightie and boots, with only a shawl to keep me warm. When I was a young girl I remember my Grandma's feather bed piled high with hand made quilts and the Porcelain Chamber Pot next to it, her cover was a mismatch too. I only assume that the cover was lost, perhaps somewhere no one wanted to retreive it. Just be glad it HAD a cover.... I also use mine for soon to be compost... Enjoy it....

  13. my grandma house was my most favorite place to be and she had one...an don't you remember you mom always telling you she knew everything and was ALWAYS right!! glad it has a good home....


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