Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Humble Tradition

Themes, balloons, streamers and such; our birthday parties were not made of much.
Our children did not get themed parties with lots of friends.

Our tradition is to have Grandma over -- maybe Uncle John & Aunt Leslie or Aunt Katie.
We make a cake from a box and icing too.
We open presents and enjoy a take out meal like Pizza or Chinese.
This is our humble tradition.

Two of our boys have birthdays after Christmas.
This year our third child's birthday fell on a day that we were invited to a New Year's party.
I thought I would buy a cake that had his name on it and this would be something a little special.
I thought he would enjoy being with other children on his birthday.

3yrs old
Grandma came, and we opened presents.
He loved this time--even though he had to do school in between visiting his grandma.

He was very thankful for the gifts.

Today is our oldest's birthday.

5 yrs. old

Grandma came.
He opened gifts.

Our third child expressed to me today how much he missed his birthday being a normal birthday.
He missed making a cake from the box and having pizza that night.
I couldn't believe our little humble birthday tradition meant so much to him.

I sat back and watched as our oldest opened his presents.

I realized it is the little things that count.
Like a Dunkin Donuts coupon and an old stamp given to him by his youngest brother.

It is getting a card in the mail from Grammy & Grandpop and Aunt Katie too.
.....and a homemade card made by his sister.

It is the cupcakes made from a box and store bought icing too that puts a smile on their faces.

It is in these small things that make their birthday so special.

Plus It's Chinese tonight :)


  1. Isn't it fun how kids love the little things!! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing about the simple joys in life (like watching a child grow and how much they just enjoy being around and doing things with a family that loves them).

  3. Had a great day with everyone!! I came home to homemade vegetable soup that Nick made on his birthday. :) I think it is very special that Wilson was born on Nick's birthday. :) Love you all! Happy Birthday again Wilson!!

  4. How nice. I love seeing kids appreciate the simple things in life in this crazy, commercial world we live in. I'm sure you are very proud of them.

  5. It looks like he had a great birthday! I wish I could have been there :)


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