Monday, January 23, 2012

For My Biggest 'Fan"

Can a crafter have a fan club?

If so, my aunt has got to be my biggest fan--either that or she feels real sorry for me.

She had bought many dolls, small quilts, and painted things from my craft sales over the years.
I recently visited her, and she took me on a tour of her house.  She kept saying, "You made this, and this, and that, and that"  I really couldn't believe how many crafts she had of mine.  I am sure my uncle just loves when my aunt comes to my craft sale every November.

This past year, she was disappointed that I had not painted any shutters with snowmen on them.
I informed her how I just found out about this Annie Sloan's Paint and had painted a lot of furniture instead.
She wasn't impressed  :)

She asked if I would paint some shutters that she had.
She wasn't picky at all about how I painted them. 
She told me to kind of match the one panel I had painted that hangs in her kitchen.

So I took her lovely white, glossy shutters.

I had painted a coat of Annie Sloan's Paris Grey as a primer.

I then took Midnight Blue Folk Art Paint and covered both sides of the Shutters with it.
I love being able to use AS as a primer-- It works so well.

I then proceeded to paint a snowman scene.
She told me that she wanted to put them in her kitchen window.  I painted them so she could separate the scene if she wanted too, or she could keep them together.

I hand painted a little saying across the top of each shutter--again, if they were separated it really wouldn't matter.

After painting them, I stained them with Minwax's Walnut color stain.
I love how the stain gives the words and picture a distressed look.

It was tough painting a scene on the shutter part.
I am not impressed with my snowmen because I had to deal with the slats.
My Aunt Loves it though, and that is all that mattered :)



  1. They are adorable. You are so very talented. Thank you so much for sharing. What a beautiful space you have created my very first visit here I will follow on my way out so I know my path back here. Perhaps you will find the time to come visit me soon and do the same. I look forward to engaging more throughout the year and beyond. Take care. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  2. WOW this is amazing creativity and you are so lucky to have such an adoring aunt!
    your new follower
    from Bangalore, India

  3. I Love how the shutters turned out. Your snowmen are adorable!

  4. You are soooooo talented. The shutters are beautiful!

  5. Oh. So. Very. Cute! You did an awesome job on the shutters. I'm sure your aunt will enjoy them for many years to come. I'm joining your fan club too.

  6. Tammy, they are wonderful. Katie would love them!!!!

  7. Tammy, they came out real good. Now you need to take a picture of them at your aunts house and give us a tour with pictures of all your crafts there. That would be fun.:)

  8. Those are really cute! You're a great painter!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note!

    @ Creatively Living

  9. LOVE these!! Yes, I agree with Mom. I want to see your aunt's house, too! :) We're nosey.

  10. These shutter turned out great! No wonder she is such a fan. I agree with the nosy bunch - take your camera over to Auntie's :)


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