Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Perfect Fit

I was so excited when My friend thought of me and gave me this cabinet.
It is solid, I mean solid wood.
It looks like it was altered to be a computer desk.

It was very green and very heavy.

The person that built the cabinet added wheels to it.

I saw that the top was made of wood, and I wanted to take the paint off and stain the top.
I stripped it and sanded it.
I stained it with Min-wax's Early American.

I painted the whole cabinet in ASCP Paris Grey, and then I painted Old White over the Grey on the outside.

I used Fiddes & Sons clear wax first and then distressed it with Jacobean dark wax.
Buffed it forever--it was a little darker than I wanted, but I still love it.

I bought 4 new knobs at The Home Depot.
I chose not to use it as a computer desk, so I nailed the drawer shut.

I also built a skirt for it at the bottom so you can't see the wheels, but you can still have the wheels on it if you want.  I will probably take them off in the future:)

I absolutely love it!
 I am so happy to have it in my newly painted Living Room:)
It will be storing our school books and things

It is a perfect fit!

Thanks Tracy!

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  1. It turned out great, and I like the dark wax. I think you will like it on wheels, I do the same thing skirt it to hide the wheels. Beautiful!!

  2. It does look great against your new paint! You're way ahead of me, and I'm headed in that direction - painting the living room!


  3. What an incredible transformation! Well done!

  4. that looks fabulous! Great job :)

  5. Wow Great job. And what a sweet friend to think of you :)

  6. Looks perfect!! :-)(after lots of work, huh!)

  7. Hi Tammy! First I want thank you for checking out my blog and becoming a follower! I really appreciate it. Second, I have to tell you how much I like your blog. I really like your style (the new cabinet you painted is gorgeous) and that I'm jealous of your holiday craft sale (I hope I remembered that correctly). My mom used to take me to those when I was younger and I always loved it. I've always wanted to hold one of my own, but don't know any crafty people in my new part of the world. sigh. Maybe one day...

  8. What a difference paint, knobs, and that skirt made!! I LOVE it!!! Isn't it GRAND when it fits perfectly, too!!! Yay!! :)


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