Monday, October 11, 2010

O the Sounds

Three years ago, my family was blessed to have the opportunity to learn how to play the violin, for free.  Violin is not an easy instrument to listen to a person practice.  I have 3 children playing violin, and one now plays the cello; again, a blessing to have a free lesson. 

  At the May recital

Sometimes Dan can feel left out.  So the kids gave him their triangle from their toy music kit.  Now he feels like he is a part of the group.  He has a little trouble on his timing, but he'll get it soon.

Dan and his triangle with Miles accompanying him.

This past summer our violin teacher had to move on in life with her husband.  They moved to Ohio.  We were so sad, because Ms. Bess became our great friend as well as our teacher.

We are without a teacher, but the Lord has blessed us to be able to use our talent for his glory.  My children and I play in the orchestra at our church.  Wilson, Bethany, and I were able to play in this year's Round Up at our church.

Wilson and Bethany are missing because they were playing on the bounce around.

 We also are able to play a strings ensemble as a family.  I love when all our noises come together and make a harmonious sound!  Mind you, we may not sound professional, but we make a joyful noise:)

"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord..."  Psalm 100:1


  1. I truly love to listen to you & the kids practicing. It is a joyful noise to my ears always!! :) You all came a long way from when you 1st started. :)

  2. How fun that you all can play together like that! I wish I could have seen your Roundup Sunday: sounded neat! I have to admit though, I laughed when I saw Danny playing the triangle thingy, but I'm not too musical anyhow so what do I know. At least he's willing to try, right? :)

  3. Hi Tammy. We miss you guys! Looks like there's a whole orchestra/band for 2010 Round Up :) Hope you, Dan, and the Kids are doing well.

  4. Tonya, That was a staged photo at our last recital. It was meant to be laughed at. Dan, doesn't have the nerve to do it for real:)

    Kip, It was fun! It would have been even better with you guys. Thanks, we are all doing very well! We miss you guys too!


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