Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Master Bath Redo on a Budget

 We are still slowly making changes to our new house making it feel more like home.  For me that involves a lot of painting :)  However, the master bath needed a little more than paint.  We wanted to update a few things on a budget.  
 Here is a picture we took during the inspection.  The Hollywood lights weren't my style.  Although the cabinet space was wonderful, I really didn't care for the cabinet itself.  The vanity was paintable, but the fixture was old and there was no working plug.  We were just going to change out the fixture and hardware, but we found a whole new vanity and top on craigslist for cheap.
This is the newer vanity with top.  
We took off their towel rack and filled in the holes and painted the vanity to match all the woodwork.
 More before Pics with the newer vanity.

  I'm not sure if you can make it out on the above pic from inspection, but we had to take down some wallpaper border.  The walls really needed some paint. 
Here are all the added fixtures and touch ups we did to make it more to our taste.  I actually made the shower curtain out of a drop cloth.  It is just more my style--not necessarily cheaper :)
We painted the woodwork in Annie Sloans' Versilles.  
The walls are Sherwin Williams' Oyster.

Amazing how much warmer it feels!

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